What is Student Development Service?

At KIS the Student Development Service provides Counseling, Language, and Learning support services that encourage our students to remain a life-long learners. In order to support the aims of developing an inclusive, welcoming and respectful learning environment for all students, it is our belief that teaching and learning are not limited to the traditional classroom. SDS is a student-centred, holistic experience focused on students’ needs.

Our staff members are concerned with holistic development.

Our emphasis is on helping students to learn skills and strategies to better help themselves moving towards success. It is our desire to assist students in learning how to find and use information, to learn how to make better decisions for themselves, and understand more about themselves and the world around them.

Language and Learning Support is based on a push-in/pull out system. Helps to develop the following study skills and strategies:

  • phonological awareness,
  • spelling strategies,
  • thinking skills,
  • improving fluency and accuracy in reading/writing,
  • metacognitive strategies
  • concentration,
  • memory techniques,
  • revision skills
  • time management

School Counseling is always the first line of support for any student who is struggling with personal issues. The role of counsellor includes academic and personal problem solving, brief individual counselling, small group counselling, consultation and collaboration, school and community-based referral, conflict mediation, any type of abuse/bullying prevention.

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners. Our partners always support us to do our work better.

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