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Preschool (ages 3-5)

Foundation Stage consists out of Foundation Stage 1 (Pre-Kinder-ages 3 to 4) and Foundation Stage 2 (Kinder 1-ages 4 to 5). In our Foundation Stage we focus on 6 learning areas which includes language arts? social-emotional, numeracy, creative arts, sciences (theme) and motor skills. Our teachers are committed to build a solid foundation for the coming primary years.

Foundation Stage 1 (Pre-Kinder ages 3-4)

In our preschool, highly trained teachers help your child to develop in safe daycare environment giving them freedom within boundaries, individual attention and enrichment.

We aim at giving strong foundation in:

  • Physical development and motor skills:  Opportunities offered for children to learn through being active and interactive, improving their skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement.
  1. Take on simple acitivities independently like setting the table with cups and plates
  2. Paying attention to a person or activity for 5-10 minutes
  3. Examine new objects and situations with deeper curiosity
  • Language arts: Exploring books and stories promotes a lifelong love of literature and language.
  1. Begin to identify the first sound in a word.
  2. Identify and name five to ten letters
  3. Recognizing his or her name and write it using letter-like shapes
  • Music and movement: musical instruments and puppets.
  1. Repeat melodies and rhythm patterns
  2. Play movement games that involve following directions as well as creating unique moves.
  • Numeracy & Science: Your child will learn math, logic, science concepts and develop fine motor skill by stacking, sorting, counting, and putting together various objects.
  1. Connect number words and numerals to the quantities they represent.
  2. Participate in scientific experiments led by teachers
  • Visual and creative arts: Through painting or drawing, your child will learn eye-hand coordination, small muscle control and problem solving.
  1. Create detailed artwork that includes people,animals and things.

Your childs typical day:

Every thematic unit was developed for easy planning and sectioned into days. Each unit has its own 5 days’ worth activities. We have daily 3 activities focused on content areas such as language arts, music, arts, numeracy and science.

Besides, a typical day of your child will include lunch and naptime to nourish and rest your childs growing mind and body and an outdoor play time to burn off energy and develop motor skills. Full day programme includes 4 times nourishing a day.

At Kaspi preschool, we are committed to maintaining 2 teachers for each group of students. Parents will receive everyday information of their child’s nutrition, sleeping and learning activities. So they can be confident we’ve provided a range of activities designed to engage their toddler and encourage fine and gross motor skills, language development and most important an understanding of caring relationships.

Foundation Stage 2 (Kinder 1- ages 4-5)

Children of this age are ready to learn new skills and love to explore through hands-on activities. Our preschool curriculum is designed to develop important foundational skills like literacy, mathematical thinking and problem-solving while stimulating children’s creativity.

  • Physical development and motor skills:
  1. Participate in physical activity daily and coordinate different body movements to catch and throw a ball and move through obstacle courses
  2. Help develop a plan for completing a multi-step project like building a community with blocks
  • Language arts
  1. Describe familiar people,places,things and events with detail
  2. Retell a familiar story with the beginning,middle, and end in order
  3. Write his or her name as well as many other letters
  • Numeracy
  1. Create simple patterns and arrange objects according to size
  2. Perform simple addition and subtraction
  • Science and Sensorial
  1. Use knowledge and personal experiences to predict outcomes of scientific experiments
  • Socio emotional
  1. Seek out interactions with a variety of adults, with both new and familiar people
  2. Routinely share, take turns, and interact with other children in a respectful and helpful manner
  3. Showing appreciation for diversity
  4. Demonstrate an ability to resolve conflicts using words
  • Creative arts
  1. Craft detailed works of art using various materials like paint and modeling clay
  2. Move to a tempo beat or style of music

Your childs typical day:

Having foundations in our toddlers group, for preschoolers channeling natural sense of curiosity into educational exploration is aimed. Our typical day includes:

  • Math, language and literacy classes where preschoolers improve their foundational skills and enrich to build emerging language skills.
  • Music and movement classes to expand childs vocabulary and listening skills.
  • Outdoor play to burn off energy and develop motor skills
  • Lunch and quiet time to nourish and rest.
  • Full day programme includes 4 times nourishing a day.

At Kaspi preschool we are committed to maintaining 2 teachers for each group of students. You will receive everyday information of your child’s nutrition, sleeping and learning activities so you can rest assured that your early preschooler is progressing throughout the year.

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